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Dynamic Fuel Management

Dynamic Fuel Management has a boring name, but it's fascinating tech. The real name of this is Dynamic Skip Fire. GM uses Dynamic Fuel Management as their marketing name. As I explain more in my Chevy Dude Vlog post below. I'm really excited to see this new engine in action and to see how it rides in various traffic and road conditions. 

At the time of the Post the All new 2019 Silverado hasn't arrived to dealership lots yet. However I do have about 16 of them built and on their way. These trucks are actually up in Fort Wayne, In truck assembly plant. Since I am only 250 miles from the plant I took a trip up to Ft Wayne and saw these trucks for myself.  WOW! what an awesome Truck. As the top Chevy Dealer in Lousiville, Ky and as a sales person here at Bachman Chevrolet I pride myself on knowing the product before it hits dealer lots.  

Buying a Car Doesn't Have to Suck™️ Some of the frustrations I hear from customers over the year is Sales "professionals" not knowing the product they sell.  Rest assure I am working Hard to get more info to pass along on all of Chevrolet's products. 

If I can help you purchase a car. Feel free to fill out the form below or use the Text icon and text me directly. 

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My vlog on Dynamic Fuel Management

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