Wife gives Best 🌲Christmas ❄️Gift 🎁EVER 🏎💨

By: Mike Davenport   |   25 Dec 2018

A couple weeks ago this nice lady named Irene came into the Bachman Chevrolet Showroom. She wanted a Gift for her Husbands Christmas. You can watch it unfold her: http://chevydude.news/best-christmas-gift


I have been selling cars for 19 years. For 19 years I do believe I have had a car gift every year. Sometimes multiple cars throughout the year.


Kids first car, spouse’s Christmas gift, Birthday, car for the mistress (yes it happened) even if it’s just a new family daily transportation I always try to make the car buying experience a GREAT and POSITIVE one.


In my latest vlog (and 1st one I have videoed for youtube) I get to be apart of a special gift, for a special someone and this gift has several meanings.   Check it our here http://chevydude.news/best-christmas-gift


Merry Christmas

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